Just kidding, go back to bed! Unless you’re a law student going through finals, then what are you doing on the internet? Get back to studying!

There are many things I love about blogging, but one of the things is being able to take a break from whatever studying I’m doing to bang out an entry. I could be flying in an airplane (if they offer wi-fi and I know what I want to write because I’m not paying $10 for unlimited wifi for a 1 hour flight!), at my parents house, at school, waiting for the train, or after I just ordered chipotle online. The convenience of blogging allows me to get a mini-break, enough to feel recharged, be a little productive, be a little creative,  then get back to work.

Or, if you’re like me, you’re redoing your outline for your exam. On Monday. Never said I was the smartest potato.

Me staring at my computer/thinking about all of my life choices

Note to self: Not packing lunch isn’t a motivating tool to get all of your work done before lunch. It’s a recipe for online lunch ordering and crying in a classroom because you’re dumb and going to be the size of a small country.


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