2015 “wrap” up

Things I learned while staying at my parent’s house:

1.If the TV can be heard upstairs, it’s too loud.
2. No pet birds- ever. Sorry future children, but pet parakeets are not as popular as you think.
3. My dog will be sent away to be trained and I will be consistent with that training.
4. Dinner tables will be phone free.
5. Dinner table talk, especially on holidays, will be free of toilet humor.
6. Mandatory me time for one hour after every three hours spent with family.
7. Give praise to people who achieve things, even if you are not happy for them. Be happy because they’re happy.
8. No vacuuming or doing laundry before 10 AM, especially if people are still sleeping.
9. Hoard snacks and water bottles in your room. This way, when you don’t feel like socializing, you won’t die of thirst or hunger and can hibernate a little bit longer.
10. No TVs in bedrooms. A bedroom is meant for sleeping, relaxing, and recharging and a TV ruins that atmosphere of rest.


Things that I learned during this semester:

1. There is such a thing as too much coffee.
2. Wawa is an absolute life-saver.
3. I know more than I think when it comes to exams.
4. Adequate sleep, especially during finals, is so important.
5. It only takes about 30 minutes to bike 7 miles, so I should do that more often.
6. Shut off the internet during class time. This way, you’re not tempted to quickly check twitter or your email while the lecture is taking place.
7. Saving money is important. Put away $50-$75 every month and at the end of the semester you won’t be searching through the couch cushions for spare change to use for tolls.
8. Don’t get mad when encountering bad drivers, it isn’t a positive quality and can quickly get out of control. Picture those drivers as something funny (giraffes who can’t see out the windshield, tired babies, or self-driving cars that have been in one too many accidents.)
9. Being organized will make life so much easier. Write that assignment down, you won’t remember it come 7 PM tomorrow and yes, that includes the phone number of the attorney you met at that networking event.
10. Don’t ever hesitate to do your nails. It’ll give you twenty minutes of peace and quiet, will make you feel more put together, and will get you at least a few compliments on your nail color.

Thanks to http://www.overstuffedlife.com for the great planner info! 

What are some tidbits that you learned over this past year?


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