My 2016 resolution? Be more awesome!



Beginning the day after Christmas, everybody spews on and on about their New Year’s Resolutions. Usually they include: working out, eating healthy, saving money, paying off debt, eliminating bad habits, blah blah blah. Not surprisingly, most of these resolutions don’t work out. Most of mine haven’t worked out, either.

But this shit ends now.

Here are my resolutions for 2016:
1. No more internet during class. The internet is only a distraction from what I’m trying to learn, so no more distractions. Time to end law school (eek!) on the best foot possible!
2. Pay off anything due (barbri/credit card) before I graduate. Studying for the bar is incredibly stressful, I don’t need to worry about paying off my credit card. All of my focus should be on the bar.
3. Get into some type of three time a week workout routine. Graduating law school, studying and taking the bar are incredibly stressful and finding a way to deal with that stress is necessary.
4. Reduce my online shopping to once a season. I don’t online shop all that often, but I know that I do it just for fun, not because I actually need the clothes. Shopping should be because I need something new, not because I solely want it.
5. Eliminate clutter! I live in a decent sized apartment, but I’ll be moving at the end of my lease. I need to go through all of my stuff and categorize it into one of three piles: keep, donate, and throw away. I also need to do this with clothes, especially the “one in one out” method, which for those of you who don’t know, is when for every one item of clothing you bring it, you have to get rid of one piece. I also need to keep it this way by periodically purging items I no longer need or use.

These a five easy resolutions that will put me in a better place and won’t require a complete lifestyle overhaul. This keeps it likely that I’ll stick to these resolutions.

2016 will easily be the most challenging year for me without a doubt. I turn 25, M and I will celebrate two years together, I’ll graduate from law school, study and take the bar, start a big girl job, and move out of my apartment that I’ve lived in for two years. I’ll also be on the hook to start paying back all of my student loans. Talk about scary!

Looks like I’ll be taking 2016 as I took 2015. . . just one day at a time.

What are your resolutions? Do you have any tips for ensuring that you complete them?



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