T-8 days and counting

Until I resume my once-a-week routine of crying myself to sleep.



Everybody told me that law school, just like college and high school, will fly by. Whenever I heard that, I would roll my eyes and mutter yeah, right and go back to doing whatever I was doing. But, I have to admit- they were right. It’s incredible to think that I’m going into the last semester of law school and will soon be studying for the bar exam.

This semester I’m taking a pretty light schedule: clinic, bankruptcy, and strategic legal analysis, which is sort of like a bar prep class. I wanted my last semester to be as stress-free as possible, so only 12 credits for me!

To prepare for this semester, I’m getting all of the first day assignments completed BEFORE the first day of class. Can you believe it? Thankfully, I got one assignment yesterday so I can get that done tomorrow before I stock up on highlighters, pens, and tabs.

Who’s ready for the first day of the semester? Who’s ready for another week of break?


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