Bar prep – prep = Bar

Also known as where I want to go to after classes are finished.

The Ranstead Room in Philadelphia 

This semester, I’m taking a bar prep course through school. It focuses on testing strategies so learning how to read questions, how to break down the rule, how to apply it, and how to write an essay. It’s incredibly helpful and I’m glad I’m frontloading learning these tactics before Bar Prep begins.

Even though we’re not really tested on substantive law, I still feel incredibly stupid. Every night we have homework (either writing an essay or answering multiple choice), so we’re dredge through the Barbri outline book to find some rule that helps answer the question. I’m trying tell myself that nobody remembers torts from 1L year, they just spent longer going through the materials than I did, which makes me feel bad that I haven’t put the effort in.

At least tonight’s the Bachelor and I can make myself feel better by watching how catty and dumb some women can be.

Any readers a bachelor fan? Come live tweet with me @talesfrom3lhell


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