And the Oscar for best Spring Break plans go to… Talesfrom3Lhell!

Because she’s doing absolutely nothing this week besides going to the gym, watching Netflix, and reading non-law books!

And the crowd goes wild *ahhhhhhhhh*

My spring break started Friday at 5 PM and I couldn’t wait to rush home to do nothing. M was coming over for the weekend, so since he just started a new job, I wanted to make a nice dinner for us. I decided to make New England clam chowder from scratch for a few reasons: 1. New England was my home so it gives me a little bit of nostalgia, and 2. It’s fucking delicious. Don’t trust anybody who tries to tell you that red or clear (disgusting) chowder is better than white. They are liars and have been repeatedly smacked in the head with a baseball bat. The only thing that I wasn’t expecting was how long it took to make! From start to finish, it was nearly three hours, but it was so worth it! The chowder was delicious! The recipe is here if anybody is interested in it!

On Saturday, we went to New Hope, PA to have a drink with a law school friend and meander around suburbia. It was a relaxing day and the weather was absolutely beautiful. For dinner, we made pizza from scratch and enjoyed watching Bob’s Burgers and the documentary version of Freakonomics. Oh, and we bought cookies from Insomnia Cookies to munch on.

Today, we hung around the house and baked banana chocolate chip bread. If you can’t tell, we both like making food/baking from scratch. I love learning how to make new meals and bake new treats. Besides being incredibly fun and a bonding experience, it helps save money. All law students are worried about saving money when and where they can, so learning how to make meals at home can be really beneficial.

Now, I’m embracing the fact that I don’t have class tomorrow by drinking while watching the Oscars. I hope everybody is rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win his Oscar statue!



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