Chris Christie, what’s good?

This past weekend, M and I meandered around suburban Jersey. As we were driving around these charming little towns, I had a revelation . . . There were no wawas ANYWHERE. HOW CAN I LIVE IN AN AREA WITH NO WAWA?! I also only saw one bagel shop. Jersey is known for their bagels and yet there was only one to be found. What gives Chris Christie?

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In law school news, I finished the actual bar application for both states I’m taking it in. Unfortunately, I still have to pay off the bar prep program and gather the rest of my deepest darkest secrets to hand over the the bar examiners. I know that I’ll be thankful for all of this work when it’s late April and I only have to focus on studying for my one final and wrapping up clinic work, but right now I’m a little stressed.

Clinic hasn’t been the experience I thought it would be. I’m a little disappointed by that, and I know I’ll look back on it eventually and pick out other lessons that I’m grateful for, but now is not that time.

Only  about two months left until graduation!! AHHHHHHHHHHH.


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