A step-by-step process of how to not do your homework

  1. What’s going on on TMZ?
  2. Oh god, DMX looks awful.
  3. I wonder what he sounds like
  4. Wow, that’s bad.
  5. I wonder what he sounds like when he sings Rudolph now?
  6. I have a lot of split ends
  7. Should I get my hair cut?
  8. I can go on Pinterest for ten minutes to check out haircuts, I mean take a break
  9. Wait, is that food?
  10. I am kind of hungry
  11. I have three minutes left in this break, I can look a quick dinner recipes.
  12. *45 minutes later*
  13. Shit shit shit. Gotta get back to work
  14. Need some pump up music, pandora here I come
  15. No, not this song
  16. Skip, not this song either
  17. I hate this song but I already used two skips.
  18. Looks like I’m skipping this station
  19. How can I work under such desperate conditions?
  20. I think I’m being dramatic
  21. I should google how to focus on work
  22. *15 minutes later* For christ’s sake, I could have been halfway done with work by now. No fucking around, time to focus.
  23. *10 minutes later* I’m kind of thirsty, I should get water so I don’t get dehydrated
  24. Ouch, my throat kind of hurts of when I swallow. I wonder if I’m getting sick.
  25. WebMD says I could have strep, mono, cancer, heart disease, a sore throat, allergies, or a blood clot in my brain. Probably the blood clot.
  26. What would I do if I just suddenly had a brain aneurysm? Nobody knows I’m at school.
  27. My body would probably rot here until tomorrow morning. Sounds like that lady who died wrapping Christmas presents and nobody found her for three years.
  28. Was that in the US? Nope, according to google it was in the UK
  29. Okay, I’ll start working in 10 minutes, I have to check twitter



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