Second time is the charm!


Welp, loyal readers, I found out Thursday afternoon that I PASSED THE NEW JERSEY BAR EXAMINATION! As you will remember, I failed in July by 5 points and decided pretty quickly to re-take the exam in February.

Bar prep was torture. Pretty sure it’s against the Geneva Convention- that’s how torturous it was.

Anyways, want to know how I passed the bar exam, while working full-time, and planning a wedding? Look no further!

– I would wake up Monday through Friday at 5:30 and study for two hours until 7:30, until I left for work.
– I would study for an additional hour at lunch.
– If I went to the gym after work, I’d study while using the machines, approximately 45-60 minutes.
– If I came home after work, I’d study until M got home, approximately 1 hour.
– After a quick dinner, I’d study until around 10:00 PM and go to bed.

– I’d study while eating breakfast and continue studying into the afternoon.
– After lunch, we would wedding plan. M shouldered most of the wedding planning from December to February, if I’m being honest. He was so supportive of me during this time and I cannot thank him enough.

According to my score from NJ, my MBE score was the reason I failed. I knew I had to focus on the MBE, especially since it is worth 50% of the exam, but I also knew that NJ was adopting the UBE beginning February 2017. Instead of having one MPT, there would now be two, and instead of six 45 minute essays, there would be seven 30 minute essays. I focused heavily on Barbri’s early start program and just drilled myself on MBE questions. I found that I was able to remember a lot of stuff which was helpful and I knew what subjects I could glaze over. That being said, property and contracts were always my worst subjects while in school, so I spent days drilling myself on those MBE questions and essays.

I steered clear of the lectures and only watched them if I absolutely had to. I found most of the lecturers to be incredibly boring or too annoying (cough cough Paula Franzese cough cough). I found that going over the information, and creating my own outlines based off of it, helped me the most.

One last tip: I also found this website which predicted which subjects would be on the exam. I knew that I was really weak in a couple of those subjects and decided to focus on them the most. It paid off, as you can see, they predicted 4/7 subjects correctly.

As soon as my character and fitness application comes back clean, I’ll be all ready to be sworn in as a member of the State of New Jersey’s Bar.

Are you somebody working full-time and studying for the bar? What about planning a wedding and studying for the bar? Please feel free to e-mail me at for advice.



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