2015 “wrap” up

Things I learned while staying at my parent’s house:

1.If the TV can be heard upstairs, it’s too loud.
2. No pet birds- ever. Sorry future children, but pet parakeets are not as popular as you think.
3. My dog will be sent away to be trained and I will be consistent with that training.
4. Dinner tables will be phone free.
5. Dinner table talk, especially on holidays, will be free of toilet humor.
6. Mandatory me time for one hour after every three hours spent with family.
7. Give praise to people who achieve things, even if you are not happy for them. Be happy because they’re happy.
8. No vacuuming or doing laundry before 10 AM, especially if people are still sleeping.
9. Hoard snacks and water bottles in your room. This way, when you don’t feel like socializing, you won’t die of thirst or hunger and can hibernate a little bit longer.
10. No TVs in bedrooms. A bedroom is meant for sleeping, relaxing, and recharging and a TV ruins that atmosphere of rest.


Things that I learned during this semester:

1. There is such a thing as too much coffee.
2. Wawa is an absolute life-saver.
3. I know more than I think when it comes to exams.
4. Adequate sleep, especially during finals, is so important.
5. It only takes about 30 minutes to bike 7 miles, so I should do that more often.
6. Shut off the internet during class time. This way, you’re not tempted to quickly check twitter or your email while the lecture is taking place.
7. Saving money is important. Put away $50-$75 every month and at the end of the semester you won’t be searching through the couch cushions for spare change to use for tolls.
8. Don’t get mad when encountering bad drivers, it isn’t a positive quality and can quickly get out of control. Picture those drivers as something funny (giraffes who can’t see out the windshield, tired babies, or self-driving cars that have been in one too many accidents.)
9. Being organized will make life so much easier. Write that assignment down, you won’t remember it come 7 PM tomorrow and yes, that includes the phone number of the attorney you met at that networking event.
10. Don’t ever hesitate to do your nails. It’ll give you twenty minutes of peace and quiet, will make you feel more put together, and will get you at least a few compliments on your nail color.

Thanks to http://www.overstuffedlife.com for the great planner info! 

What are some tidbits that you learned over this past year?


Hashbrowns, coffee, and target

Three of my favorite things.

I’ve made it back to New England after driving five hours on the worst roadway on Earth, Route 95.

Ah, 95, great memories.

So far today has been decently productive. I started and finished everybody’s Christmas shopping. My step-dad and I made a pit stop to grab breakfast at this little faux-diner (nothing like the diners in Jersey) before finishing his Christmas shopping.

I picked up some new nail polish to try out before wrapping gifts, which so far looks pretty decent. As anybody can tell you, I paint my nails about as well as Helen Keller can paint her own, so the fact that they look pretty decent is exciting.

I’m trying to spend this break relaxing and recharging, but it’s incredibly difficult when I’m out of my usual routine. Bright side, it’s Christmas so I can focus on seeing family that I haven’t seen since last Christmas (when I was only halfway done with law school) and going into food comas. Last year, I got a little drunk on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas morning with a huge headache, so I’m going to try to not do that this year by drinking Pedialyte. (Shoutout to Pedialyte, you the real MVP!)

Orange is the grossest flavor, strawberry is alright, have yet to try purple, but I’ve heard it’s good.

M and I had our Christmas last week, which was fantastic. I love him so much and I’m so happy that this is our second Christmas as a couple. He’s so great and I’m so fortunate to have him in my life.

Anyways, here’s what I’m grateful for:
1. Having a safe place to call home
2. Having one semester left to finish in law school
3. Having a job lined up for after graduation
4. Family, friends, and french fries
5. Being able to buy my friends/family gifts to show how much they mean to me
6. That Santa Claus liked the cookies we made the other night
7. Being able to afford simple luxuries like being able to order takeout, buy new nail polish, and wawa coffee
8. That I haven’t been pulled over in my life
9. The perfect emoji when I can’t think of the right word to say
10. That I can legally drink my face off during the holidays.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I’ll be posting again soon.

I’m still alive, just being a lazy slob until work starts

Don’t fret loyal readers, I’m still alive. Laying on the couch, but still alive.

School’s been out since May 4th and since then I’ve been schmucking around being lazy. After school ended, I hung around my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment for a week, sleeping and dicking around on the internet. Mother’s Day, I drove to my parents and stayed there for a week until I went to Connecticut for M’s sister’s graduation. Then, it was back to PA!

My summer job doesn’t start until May 26th (aka the day after Memorial Day), so I’m trying to relax and get little things done around the house before then. I’ve spent a lot of time reading books online, finding recipes to make, and neglecting my blog. Sorry!

I swear I’ll post more once work starts and I fall in love with my job! Until then, here’s a cute picture of a goat:

Fed this little guy at the zoo. He was the coolest little thing.

Oh, PS: I’ve changed my twitter handle to reflect the fact that I’m now a 3L! @talesfrom3lhell! I’m also in the middle of changing a few things on the blog so check back soon!

7 Reasons why I am my mother’s daughter

I know I said I was going on a hiatus until Sunday because of a little thing called finals, but this is a post that I really wanted to put up in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day began in 1908 by a woman named Anna Jarvis and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday, even though most other states had already been celebrating it before then. Today, several countries besides the US celebrate Mother’s Day including: the UK, Canada, India, Mexico and Denmark, amongst others.

This is the first year that I won’t be with my mom for Mother’s Day because of law school and the numerous ways it ruins my life. I wanted to make a nice little post that I could share with my mom so that she knows that while I’m always thinking of her, I’m especially doing so on Mother’s Day.

My mom loves animals.


Without further ado, the 7 reasons why I am my mother’s daughter:

  1. My love for animals: The love and compassion she has taught me to give not just other humans but animals as well. When my sister and I became old enough my mom went out and bought us two pet parakeets, Buddy and Trixie. We weren’t allowed to have dogs or cats in our apartment, so birds were the next best thing. I remember her taking Buddy and Trixie out of their cage and putting them on our fingers-perches by telling the birds, “up, up” so they would step onto our fingers. Needless to say, both Buddy and Trixie are now in a better place, ever since then we’ve had pet birds, fish, two dogs, hermit crabs and a couple of crayfish. I’ve since joined the SALDF at school which entails us to raise money and volunteer at local animal shelters. I also hope to adopt a shelter dog once I’m out of school. I’m extremely grateful that my mom instilled this sense of passion for helping animals into me.
  2. My ability to laugh: For the longest time (I’m talking well into college and even now) I was an extremely introverted child. I was painfully shy, overly sensitive and easily embarrassed. If teachers gave me constructive criticism on a paper or an oral presentation, especially if they did so in front of any other student, teacher or parent, I’d start crying. Between having an extremely large, loud, outgoing family and gradually coming out of my shell, I slowly began to become a bit more extroverted, but one thing still held me back, I was still VERY easily embarrassed. Any little embarrassing thing that happened to me, I made it 100x worse because I couldn’t laugh at myself or shake the mortification. This was made worse when other kids did laugh at me because I got so distressed. My mom helped me learn that even though I may be absolutely mortified at myself, I was the one who was making it a bigger deal by making it clear to those around me that I couldn’t deal with whatever happened. This wasn’t a change that happened overnight by any means, but by using my mom as an example and observing her behavior when she was embarrassed, I was able to mimic her and realized that she was right, laughing at myself was the easiest way to get over my embarrassment. Thankfully she taught me this before law school, otherwise I would have been defeated a long time ago.
  3. My sense of humor: My mom, my sister and I all have the same sense of humor. We’re full of bad puns, hilarious one-liners and sarcasm. It’s great. I believe that the best sense of humor to have is one that the people around you also have; this way everybody can enjoy the people around them. Nothing makes me feel more at home than those lame jokes that make all of us giggle. This sense of humor also goes back to being able to laugh at myself because all I have to do is find a way to deflect whatever feeling of mortification I have and spin it into something funny. I thank my mom especially for this one, because she is hilarious and so am I.
  4. My motivation to succeed: For close to 10 years, my mom was a single mom of two daughters and worked full-time. I don’t know how she managed to find time to bathe, much less find quality time for us, but she did. I never heard my mom complain about the numerous trips to the library my sister and I wanted to go to (nerds), the hours we spent outside together, even when it was too humid to wear shoes or so buggy that they flew into our mouths. She was so motivated to get her work done while at work, run errands during her lunch hour and clean the apartment before we woke up, so that my sister and I would be lucky enough to spend time with her. Every time I feel really overwhelmed with school, thinking about all of the stuff my mom had to juggle when she was the same age I am puts my life into perspective.
  5. My view of education: My mom stressed the value of education for both my sister and I. She didn’t accept bad grades from us because she knew that we were capable of scoring higher. I distinctly remember having a lot of trouble with my timetables and one night, my mom and I sat down for HOURS (okay, maybe not hours, but it sure felt like it) going row by row, column by column until I knew them all. Did I realize then how important timetables would be? No. Did my mom? Of course! In elementary school my homework was always checked by her and I waited anxiously for it to meet the mom standard before I could put it away. In middle school and high school, every day she would ask if I had any homework and would force me to do it. How I wish she could force me to do my reading now! But education will be something I stress to my children. It’s important and it’s necessary to have a good life.
  6. The fact that we look alike: Not as much as my sister and my mom look alike, but pretty damn similar. I’m thankful for that because she looks fabulous for 29* and I hope to look like her when I’m that age!  (*not her real age, but she’s a lady and I won’t disclose it!)
  7. My love of alcohol: Some days there’s nothing better than champagne for dinner and boy oh boy, do we indulge! Just kidding, that makes it sound like we have a problem! But we do enjoy the consumption of alcohol, especially together. There’s nothing better on a rotten day than sitting back with my mom and both of us enjoying a glass/bottle of wine. Especially now that I don’t live at home, it’s little moments like this where I realize how similar my mom and I are.

Well, there you have it: the 7 reason why I am my mother’s daughter.


17 Things You Learn Growing Up In New England

There’s no place like home ❤

Thought Catalog


1. You will acclimate to seafood.

It may be chowdah, or lobstah, or mahm’s baked cahd, but you’ll experience a baked sea dweller, that’ll tickle your fancy enough that suddenly, driving past the hahbuh isn’t such a nauseating sensation for your nasal passages. You will try clam cakes, and stuffies—fry, bake, sautee, dip, mess with that seafood, until it works for you. If you shut out seafood, you aren’t actually living. Or you’re a vegetarian, to which I salute you and acknowledge that you’re probably from Cambridge, Burlington, Providence, or Portland.

2. A world without the relative proximity of oceans is hardly a world at all.

Sure, you’re from the far back sticks of Western Massachusetts, or some landlocked region of Connecticut (that’s still a state, right?), but at the end of the day, there’s still a tremendous body of water, separated merely by a few hours of…

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I’m back!

Hi readers!

In my last post I mentioned how I was going to take some time off to focus on myself after N and I broke up. Well, five weeks later and here I am! So thank you for your patience!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions in the past few weeks and it’s been very hard to let them all go. I found out a lot about my relationship with N and those things really just tore me down, mentally and emotionally. But, I’m trying to just let all of those emotions and feelings go. It’s not in anybody’s best interest to continue to live in the past- especially me and especially while I’m in law school. I don’t know how I would have gotten through these past few weeks without the support of my family and friends. I’m forever grateful to them.

So, onto more upbeat news!

I went to Barrister’s Ball and had an amazing time.
I met a boy and we’ve gone out on a few dates.
I got a full-time job for the summer.
I’ve started really cooking and baking, again (thank you, Pinterest!)
And I’ve been keeping up with my homework/reading!

I’m just in such a good place right now. I’ll post a more in-detail post later on, probably during spring break.

Until then!


I’m typing this next to my fireplace and watching the snow gently fall outside the window.

We’re supposed to be getting 10+ inches of snow overnight. Blizzard conditions, parking bans, plunging temperatures, the works. Bring on the booze and blankets!

ANYWAYS. The last few days have been very dull. I’ve spent a lot of time at home, relaxing. I figured I’d catch up on all the time for relaxing while I can before school starts again. First day assignments have already started rolling in, but you know what hasn’t? MY GRADES. Grades won’t be put up until the 12th. HONESTLY? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO LIVE? I get it, I honestly do. The first week or two after finals I didn’t want to think about school AT ALL. When family members would ask about it, I’d reply with one of these words, “hard”, “demanding” “over-whelming” and then take a huuuuuuge gulp of my drink that they’d feel uncomfortable and walk away. But now, NOW I’m ready to face the music.

I haven’t put makeup on in two days. I haven’t put on jeans since the New Years Eve. My nails are chipping. I”m such a lazy sack of shit. I LOVE IT. I wish I could go to school looking like a hot mess, unfortunately I have to look somewhat decent if I want to keep friends. I guess you win some, you lose some.

I’m finally home!

First of all, it took me 7 (!!!) hours to get home; as opposed to the usual 5/5.5.
Secondly, someone was moving their house. HONESTLY. DURING THE HOLIDAY GRIDLOCK TRAFFIC AND YOU’RE GOING TO MOVE A HOUSE?! So rude. So disrespectful. So out of touch with reality.

Anyways, I spent yesterday with my Grammie; we got lunch and sat by the fireplace with a few glasses of wine. It was heaven. Then I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours, woke up and watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with my mom and the dog. It’s days like yesterday when I wonder why the hell I decided to move so far away.

Today is supposed to be put aside for Christmas shopping. I haven’t done any shopping! Between classes, studying for finals, actually taking finals I spent any spare second either in the law school or in my bed, sleeping. I have a vague idea of what to get people which is helpful; here’s to hoping that the stores will have the items.

Also, side vent: I hate picky people. I have a few incidents of finding gifts I’ve given to people that had been shoved behind a sink, unopened, covered in dust. It makes me really sad because I spent the money on that gift which I thought that person would like and I turn around and they don’t like it. At least put it away or re-gift it to someone so it’s not in the house.

It’s the holiday season, I suppose. Well, let’s cheers to one semester completed and a whole month of laying on the couching sending out resumes!

Happy Holidays, readers!

OH PS!!! One of my best friends from undergrad just got into law school! She’s doing part-time so she’s starting in January!!!! I’m SO EXCITED!

First time going home!

A few weeks ago, N and I decided that the weekend of November 1, we were going to take the 5 hour drive and go home for the weekend. And, well, home is where we are!

This is the first time I’ve been home/seen my family since July. It’s great.

School sucks. Reading sucks. Memos suck.

Time to go relax with family and pretend that I’m not in school!

*Also, bought my first car yesterday, all by myself! I’m officially an adult!