And the Oscar for best Spring Break plans go to… Talesfrom3Lhell!

Because she’s doing absolutely nothing this week besides going to the gym, watching Netflix, and reading non-law books!

And the crowd goes wild *ahhhhhhhhh*

My spring break started Friday at 5 PM and I couldn’t wait to rush home to do nothing. M was coming over for the weekend, so since he just started a new job, I wanted to make a nice dinner for us. I decided to make New England clam chowder from scratch for a few reasons: 1. New England was my home so it gives me a little bit of nostalgia, and 2. It’s fucking delicious. Don’t trust anybody who tries to tell you that red or clear (disgusting) chowder is better than white. They are liars and have been repeatedly smacked in the head with a baseball bat. The only thing that I wasn’t expecting was how long it took to make! From start to finish, it was nearly three hours, but it was so worth it! The chowder was delicious! The recipe is here if anybody is interested in it!

On Saturday, we went to New Hope, PA to have a drink with a law school friend and meander around suburbia. It was a relaxing day and the weather was absolutely beautiful. For dinner, we made pizza from scratch and enjoyed watching Bob’s Burgers and the documentary version of Freakonomics. Oh, and we bought cookies from Insomnia Cookies to munch on.

Today, we hung around the house and baked banana chocolate chip bread. If you can’t tell, we both like making food/baking from scratch. I love learning how to make new meals and bake new treats. Besides being incredibly fun and a bonding experience, it helps save money. All law students are worried about saving money when and where they can, so learning how to make meals at home can be really beneficial.

Now, I’m embracing the fact that I don’t have class tomorrow by drinking while watching the Oscars. I hope everybody is rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win his Oscar statue!



2015 “wrap” up

Things I learned while staying at my parent’s house:

1.If the TV can be heard upstairs, it’s too loud.
2. No pet birds- ever. Sorry future children, but pet parakeets are not as popular as you think.
3. My dog will be sent away to be trained and I will be consistent with that training.
4. Dinner tables will be phone free.
5. Dinner table talk, especially on holidays, will be free of toilet humor.
6. Mandatory me time for one hour after every three hours spent with family.
7. Give praise to people who achieve things, even if you are not happy for them. Be happy because they’re happy.
8. No vacuuming or doing laundry before 10 AM, especially if people are still sleeping.
9. Hoard snacks and water bottles in your room. This way, when you don’t feel like socializing, you won’t die of thirst or hunger and can hibernate a little bit longer.
10. No TVs in bedrooms. A bedroom is meant for sleeping, relaxing, and recharging and a TV ruins that atmosphere of rest.


Things that I learned during this semester:

1. There is such a thing as too much coffee.
2. Wawa is an absolute life-saver.
3. I know more than I think when it comes to exams.
4. Adequate sleep, especially during finals, is so important.
5. It only takes about 30 minutes to bike 7 miles, so I should do that more often.
6. Shut off the internet during class time. This way, you’re not tempted to quickly check twitter or your email while the lecture is taking place.
7. Saving money is important. Put away $50-$75 every month and at the end of the semester you won’t be searching through the couch cushions for spare change to use for tolls.
8. Don’t get mad when encountering bad drivers, it isn’t a positive quality and can quickly get out of control. Picture those drivers as something funny (giraffes who can’t see out the windshield, tired babies, or self-driving cars that have been in one too many accidents.)
9. Being organized will make life so much easier. Write that assignment down, you won’t remember it come 7 PM tomorrow and yes, that includes the phone number of the attorney you met at that networking event.
10. Don’t ever hesitate to do your nails. It’ll give you twenty minutes of peace and quiet, will make you feel more put together, and will get you at least a few compliments on your nail color.

Thanks to for the great planner info! 

What are some tidbits that you learned over this past year?

Law School Doesn’t care that your broke: Basic Tips for getting through those 0L expenses

Great financial advice for incoming law students. Don’t forget, most schools can’t release financial aid refund checks until 10 days before the start of classes!

Kristin Does [Law School]

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. Life and moving preparations have gotten in the way of my blogger dreams.

In the midst of all these preparations I’ve realized (even more so) the title of this post-“Law School doesn’t care that I’m broke”. If I estimate the total cost of applications, transcripts, seat deposits, housing deposit, and first months rent, moving expenses (etc.) I think I’ve spent (or am going to spend in the next 30 days) almost $3000…three-thousand-dollars…and that’s just in the last few months. I knew law school would be expensive, but no one ever tells you it starts BEFORE you even get to take a class. For those stable adults with full time jobs who have decided to go back to school to get their JD or those trust fund babies who have handbags worth more than that, I’m sure it’s not as big…

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When it’s 7 days until the semester begins and nobody in financial aid cares

Dear Office of Financial Aid,

Please get my refund to me soon. As in today. As in like yesterday. Please stop avoiding my emails and phone calls. I need my money. The $39 in my bank account is awfully lonely and would like some friends to hang out with.

If you need me, I’ll be doing some cheap activity like crying alone on my floor, or crying while laying in my bed, or not filling up my gas tank or going grocery shopping.




“You should be honored by my lateness, that I would even show up to this fake shit.”

The LS administration has decided to punish 2Ls by cutting our winter break short and making us come back to school for a financial lecture series. This happened last year and it was a no good, very bad experience for everybody involved.

It is debateable whether Kanye West would even show up late. That’s how fake this shit is.


Free and inexpensive date ideas for law students and recent grads!

Dating during college is hard. Dating during law school is difficult. Dating somebody in law school while one person already graduated from law school? Also difficult. This is what M and I are.

As most readers know I’m halfway done with law school (THANK GOD) and M graduated in May, passed the bars and found a job. Between working around his normal work schedule and my messy school/work schedule, we don’t have much time to spend together. Usually, what we do is spend weekends together- but alternate which apartment we stay at. This way, nobody feels like it’s a one way effort or feels like they’re being eaten out of house and home.

Both M and I are actively trying to save money for the future. I’ll have around $230K in loans by the time I graduate and fortunately, I don’t have to pay them back while in school. Unfortunately, that means that the interest is accruing while I’m in school and up until I finally pay them all off. I’ve tried to keep myself informed about my loans while I’m in school so I can create a game plan to pay off my loans as quickly as possible while still being able to live. I could write a million entries on my loans, which I’ll probably end up doing in a few months.

Anyways, back to the fun stuff! Since M and I are trying to save, we often look to inexpensive, or even free, date ideas to try out. We love to learn and experience new things together, so we comb through uwishunu a website that posts different events taking place through Philadelphia. The events are all different types and prices, so you can find an activity that interests you.

I had been staying over at M’s apartment for a few days when we decided to get out of the house and use up some gift cards he had around his apartment. Dinner was at this beautiful little cafe (if anybody wants the name, leave a comment!) and we went back to his apartment to finish a bottle of wine. Cost = $0.

On Saturday, we were again combing through uwishunu and found out about this little theater in Old City that was putting on the play “Beauty and the Beast”. The website of the theater advertised $10 rush tickets for students if the students had their student IDs and showed up 30 minutes before the showing. We got to the theater pretty early and killed some time popping in and out of the art galleries that lined the street. The play was absolutely wonderful and afterwards we grabbed a liter of beer at this German bar close by. Cost so far per person = $ 18.00. After we left the bar, we were trying to figure out what to have for dinner so we bought two 24 oz PBR’s (we’re actually pretty classy people, if you couldn’t tell) and ordered Chinese food. This particular restaurant had mailed M some coupons when he first moved in, so we used one of those, too. Cost so far per person = $ 10.00. Later on that night, we streamed “Saturday Night Fever” and just hung around the apartment. Cost = $ 28.00.

Sunday morning, we were back on uwishunu and found out that this beautiful art gallery, The Barnes Foundation, was having a free admission day. We spent the day there, saw millions of dollars worth of art, saw a play and listened to an renowned Indian singer sing. All for free! It was great! After getting our culture on, we popped over to wawa and bought sandwiches for dinner. Cost = $8.00.

Our total weekend cost was $36.00 per person which includes meals, drinks and a couple of activities. Not bad, not bad at all, if I do say so myself.

If saving money or trying inexpensive activities are something that is interesting to you, here are a few websites that could be helpful:

  1. uwishunu– For those readers in Philadelphia or close by. Writes about different events and activities taking place in and around the city.
  2. Groupon– Ever want to try an activity like rock climbing or paintball but didn’t want to waste your money if you ended up not liking it? This website is perfect! The groupon is purchased for a certain percentage off the normal price. This is a great way to try new things, I know M and I have done a beer making class and wine tastings by purchasing groupons.
  3. livingsocial– Same idea as Groupon. Take a tour of your city for a fraction of the price and pretend to be tourists for the day. Hawaiian shirts and socks with sandals are totally optional!
  4. eventful– Put in your metro area and find different events going on near you! There’s 29 different categories that can be searched including: festivals, concerts, food, networking, sales, sports, pets and technology and you can search by date. So right now in Philly, I can see that Sam Smith, Big Boi from Outkast and Taylor Swift are coming to play concerts soon and this weekend, I can go tour the Eagles Stadium if I was really desperate to get out of the house (Patriots forever!) or watch the Wizard of Oz at the movie theater.

Saving money isn’t easy and it’s definitely something that requires discipline, but it’s worth it in the long run when you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to make rent next month. With all of the money that you save, put it in a jar to put towards your loans, bills, mortgage or vacation fund so this way you can see just how much money you’ve saved by enjoying these cheaper activities.

Does anybody have any other inexpensive date ideas? What is your go-to when you’re running low on funds?

First Year Associate Musings: Budgets are Evil

Great post to read when struggling with sticking to a budget! Being more financially stable is one of the most popular resolutions (don’t ask me to cite that) so follow along with Journey Thru L’s budgeting journey!

Journey Thru L

budgetsNo one prepares us for adult life. I’ve had over eight years of higher education and yet I have no idea how to create a budget and stick to it. Now that I have health insurance being taken out of my paycheck, a car payment, and student loans coming due, I have to stick to my budget more than ever.

I’ve heard of various methods for sticking to budgets throughout the years, as I’ve struggled financially since the moment I was handed my first credit card. Honestly, the best method is one I don’t see myself ever following – the cash method. The idea of going to the bank and having to physically hold my monthly budget is terrifying and burdensome. Where do you even store the money? How do you keep it all separate? What if a bill requires a check?

The concept of online banking is so familiar…

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