Graduation is TOMORROW!

My graduation dress is hanging up (because I don’t care how old I am ironing clothes is beyond annoying), my cap and gown are hanging up, my room has been cleaned, dinner plans have been made, and family is close to arriving.

When am I supposed to panic?


The feeling I have right now is the same one before exams. “Oh shit, did I do everything I needed to do?” Then I think to myself, it’s too late to do anything else besides drink and eat everything in sight.

It’s bizarre to think that I began this blog in August 2013 before I even set foot in the law school and now my time there has already finished. Don’t worry, I’m continuing this blog through bar prep and probably the first year of work. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

On that note, I’m off to celebrate being done with law school!


Valentine’s Day Celebrations!

With this weekend being Valentine’s Day, I decided to write an entry on what my boyfriend and I did for it.

– Fridays during lent means pizza for dinner! We had takeout from this great little place called Pete’s Famous Pizza. Everything on the menu looks fantastic, but you really have to try the vegetable pizza. So good. Plus, since it has so many vegetables on it, nobody will feel bad for eating pizza. Win!
-We also used this day as our card/gift exchange. We’ve both had a lot of expenses come up in the best few weeks, so we only did little things for each other. I like this better in a way because you really have to put some thought into the gift to ensure that it’s nice.
-That night, we cuddled up in bed and watch a nice romantic movie, Clerks.
All in all, rated a 5/5. 

– First stop, the Mutter Museum! I know, it can be creepy to go to a museum dedicated to medical oddities, but it was so much fun! We walked around learning about advances in medical technology and knowledge, looking at skulls to adopt, and looking at intestines in jars.
-We worked up a bit of an appetite looking at gross things, so we walked towards Go Popcorn to pick up two bags. First of all, the inside of this place is adorable. There’s an old popcorn cart against a wall, the workers’ are dressed in an old-timey style, and the menu is in old fashioned print. I highly recommend going with another person so you can try their flavor.

On the right, cheesy garlic bread popcorn. On the left, wisconsin cheddar. As of last night, only one bag remains.

-For dinner, we had reservations at Me N Mo, a cute BYO restaurant on South Street. This place is known for their meatballs, and there’s no doubt why, they were delicious! They offered a sampler option, so M and I each chose two to try: Classic (beef, veal, and pork) with a la vodka sauce, Beef with marinara sauce, Vegetable (chickpeas, lentils, mushrooms, celery, and carrots in a creamy mushroom sauce, and Spicy Pork with a spicy meat sauce. All absolutely to die for. Before we even finished eating them, we were talking about getting meatball sandwiches from there later on; that’s how good they were. We each got our dinners, which included homemade pasta, and enjoyed indulging in some nice Italian food. Nothing more romantic than that! Except one thing. Except being the cutest (aka only) couple in the restaurant and getting a complimentary slice of limoncello cake! It was SO tasty and so thoughtful of our server to do that for us.

How cute is this place? Over on the left was the bar and behind all of the tables were old machines used to make pasta!

-After dinner, we indulged and watched another masterpiece movie- Sharknado.
All in all, rated a 5/5.

-Since we were a bit tired from our weekend adventures, we decided to take it easy this morning and make pancakes from scratch! I know, I know, we’re little shitty overachievers, but what can I say besides yes, yes we are. The pancakes were so good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo because I was unable to take the fork away from my mouth.
-UPDATE: Lunch is minestrone soup made from scratch. How good does this look?

M is such a good cook! 

So, that’s how our weekend went. How was everybody else’s? Did anybody else get free cake? Has everybody survived the icy chill?

Good wine, good company, and ‘Merica!


Yesterday, my boyfriend, his friend and I all went to a winery to spend Fourth of July and it was great. The weather was perfect, our lunch was tasty and the wine was, as usual, amazing. (If anybody is in Eastern PA at all, go check out Penns Woods winery! It is beyond adorable, the employees are knowledgeable, and all the wine is delicious!)

Whenever a holiday comes around, I always reflect on where I was and how much as changed since the last time the holiday took place. This reflection was a doozy. I’m not going to go into all the details, some stuff just has to remain with me, but here’s a bit:

1. Moved 300+ miles from one geographic region to another.
2. Started (and finished one year!) of law school.
3. Met tons of amazing people, who I absolutely cherish.
4. Moved to a different apartment and in with one of my best friends.
5. Found myself in a new and amazing relationship with my lovely boyfriend.
6. Bought my first car.

Personally, I dealt with a lot of negative events and incidents, but who doesn’t, right? Every year I always tell myself that I have too negative of an outlook and I need to be more positive; I’ve gotten a lot better at that. One way of thinking that I like to do is this: Imagine if all of those negative events never happened, would I still be where I am today? No. Plain and simple. Would I know half of the people I do now? No.

I love my life, my family, my friends and my boyfriend dearly. I would live through all of my negative incidents again to be where I am now.

Happy birthday, America! Thank you for everything!

A Reminder: Push Yourself To Grow

Everybody needs to push themselves a little bit!

Thought Catalog

If left to my own devices, I love being comfortable. I love things that are easy. Who doesn’t? But sometimes, I love to be too comfortable. (Don’t you?) I want to expend minimum effort whilst receiving maximum return. I want to wear pajamas and stay inside all day but still fall in love. I want to take a month to reply to an email from my friend in another city, and then wish we were closer. I want to ace my exams without studying for them. I read articles telling me that I am enough, that I don’t ever need to change, that self-love is the best and only love — and then I do nothing to change this.

Let’s be clear. Being too comfortable is not self-love. How am I loving myself when I encourage stagnancy? How am I loving myself when I’m not forcing myself to grow? Growing is…

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17 Things You Learn Growing Up In New England

There’s no place like home ❤

Thought Catalog


1. You will acclimate to seafood.

It may be chowdah, or lobstah, or mahm’s baked cahd, but you’ll experience a baked sea dweller, that’ll tickle your fancy enough that suddenly, driving past the hahbuh isn’t such a nauseating sensation for your nasal passages. You will try clam cakes, and stuffies—fry, bake, sautee, dip, mess with that seafood, until it works for you. If you shut out seafood, you aren’t actually living. Or you’re a vegetarian, to which I salute you and acknowledge that you’re probably from Cambridge, Burlington, Providence, or Portland.

2. A world without the relative proximity of oceans is hardly a world at all.

Sure, you’re from the far back sticks of Western Massachusetts, or some landlocked region of Connecticut (that’s still a state, right?), but at the end of the day, there’s still a tremendous body of water, separated merely by a few hours of…

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I’m back!

Hi readers!

In my last post I mentioned how I was going to take some time off to focus on myself after N and I broke up. Well, five weeks later and here I am! So thank you for your patience!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions in the past few weeks and it’s been very hard to let them all go. I found out a lot about my relationship with N and those things really just tore me down, mentally and emotionally. But, I’m trying to just let all of those emotions and feelings go. It’s not in anybody’s best interest to continue to live in the past- especially me and especially while I’m in law school. I don’t know how I would have gotten through these past few weeks without the support of my family and friends. I’m forever grateful to them.

So, onto more upbeat news!

I went to Barrister’s Ball and had an amazing time.
I met a boy and we’ve gone out on a few dates.
I got a full-time job for the summer.
I’ve started really cooking and baking, again (thank you, Pinterest!)
And I’ve been keeping up with my homework/reading!

I’m just in such a good place right now. I’ll post a more in-detail post later on, probably during spring break.

Until then!

Well… Everybody said that law school is the relationship curse. I guess they were right.


Last Thursday night, N and I decided to break up. We had been together for six-and-a-half years and moved in together in July. The discussion was one that was a long time coming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely hard to deal with, but the discussion was extremely mutual and amicable which helped the situation immensely.

I’m going to be taking some time off from writing to focus on school and this new beginning.

Thank you guys in advance.