Plans after the Bar Exam

The bar exam takes place over three days, July 26, 27 and 28. In those three days, I’ll drive approximately 338 miles, stay at two hotels, answer 200 multiple choice questions, write 13 essays, and probably cry at least twice.


You know what will help me get through it? Besides being a licensed attorney (!!!), I’m making plans for after the bar exam. Fun enough that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but not too fun to blow my bank account aka adulting at its finest.

  1. SLEEP. I’m going to come right home from the exam and sleep until the bags under my eyes completely disappear.
  2. SHOWER. And stay in there for 45+ minutes because that hot water and nothing to do feeling will be great.
  3. DRINK. Drink all of the alcohol and then rehydrate with pedialyte because hangovers are no joke when they last 24+ hours.
  4. GET A MASSAGE. I’m just waiting to book the appointment. What do I want to do? Hot stone? Swedish? Deep tissue? All of the above? So many choices!
  5. MANI/PEDI. I’m sure after ripping my fingernails to shreds and keeping shoes on all summer, I’ll need a mani/pedi so the casual observer won’t think I’m a stunt double for Gollum
  6. GET A HAIRCUT. Chop a few inches off, maybe go for a new color, something to make me look like a human being that cares for their appearance.
  7. CALL EVERYBODY. Everybody that I ignored during bar prep that is. Although I’ll make a rule that says they can’t ask me the dreaded question, “How do you think you did?” I know they’re asking to be polite, or to figure out how I’m feeling, but I DON’T KNOW HOW I DID. ASK AGAIN NEVER. I’ll tell you the results when I hear back in October.

No rest for the wicked. No rest for the bar preppers

On Monday I started my bar prep program by eating 6 oreos for dinner.


Edit: I drafted this two weeks ago and never got around to posting it. I’m not dead, although emotionally I feel it, I’m just studying away. Thanks for your patience!

I’m hoping to get back to regular updates, but man bar prep is SUCH a jealous mistress.

Send help. Send taco bell. Really just send me home.

Graduation is TOMORROW!

My graduation dress is hanging up (because I don’t care how old I am ironing clothes is beyond annoying), my cap and gown are hanging up, my room has been cleaned, dinner plans have been made, and family is close to arriving.

When am I supposed to panic?


The feeling I have right now is the same one before exams. “Oh shit, did I do everything I needed to do?” Then I think to myself, it’s too late to do anything else besides drink and eat everything in sight.

It’s bizarre to think that I began this blog in August 2013 before I even set foot in the law school and now my time there has already finished. Don’t worry, I’m continuing this blog through bar prep and probably the first year of work. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

On that note, I’m off to celebrate being done with law school!

So you’re studying for finals…

Here are some tried and true tips:

  1. Outline early. The earlier you condense all of your work, the easier it’ll be to go over at the end of the semester
  2. Put your textbook underneath your pillow when you sleep. Osmosis is a real thing people, don’t let science-deniers fool you!
  3. Skip showering. If you smell, nobody will sit near you during the exam so you can spread out more. Also, depending on how small your room is, you might make everybody sick so they have to leave and you will be at the top of the curve.
  4. Bring healthy snacks to eat during the exam, but make sure they’re healthy. Snacks like heads of celery, whole apples, full-sized carrots, baked chips, and sunflower seeds still in the shells are great ideas.
  5. Ensure you’ve slept the night before. Preferably for two hours, sitting in the Clinic, with your head on your keyboard. It’s all about the power naps, I’m telling you.
  6. Don’t pack dinner. If you bring dinner to school, you’ll stay at school longer. Skip the meal and cry about how hungry you are until you can’t take it and order pizza at 11 PM.
  7. Bring headphones. This way nobody will know that you’ve been listening to Lemonade on repeat and not anything proven effective for studying like white noise, brown noise, or other sounds that can lead to brown notes.
  8. Think about all of your TV shows you get to catch up on. No, I don’t care The Office ended 3 years ago, I haven’t finished yet.
  9. Cry. Loudly. During the exam. Let your tears fall over your closest-sitting companion.
  10. Accept the fact that you are in Hell. Law school was a huge mistake and ask yourself why you did this to yourself. Friends of yours have salaries, and take vacations, and look like human beings. You, right now, wearing the sweatpants that you slept in, with no makeup on, and your hair not brushed, you are not human.
  11. Be proud! After your exams are done, it’s summer break which means a few weeks off until the firm/government/public interest job snatches away your freedom.
Here’s a picture of my friends and I studying together. 

Anybody else feel like they accidentally became an adult?

I’ve been following Accidentally Adulting for awhile now and absolutely love her posts. They reach me at a personal level because who else has wondered how to be an adult when you’re scared of the dark, eat ice cream for dinner, and/or orders takeout more often than cooking at home?

This post is especially helpful for law school graduates. I highly recommend everybody read this post to help calm their minds, figure out a plan, and get excited about moving forward.

While you’re on TA’s page, give it a follow!

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I saw the sign it opened up my eyes

Me signing to myself while driving by Chipotle after staying at school for 12 hours last night.

I love you. 

The semester is quickly coming to a close and I’m quickly coming closer to a little breakdown. It’s difficult to balance everything, especially when more shit is being dumped on me per day, but I know that I’ll get it all done. Hence the reason I stayed at school until 7:30 to get a clinic assignment finished.

Fortunately for me, I only have to focus on school. I finished all of my bar apps, paid them off, paid off bar prep, received my bar prep books, booked my hotels, made a lunch reservation for after graduation, figured out my family graduation party, and found a job for post-grad. I’m in great shape and I should remind myself of that more often.

27 days until graduation.
27 days until graduation.
27 days until graduation.

If everybody else can get their work done, then I can get my work done, right?
The second my clinic obligation is finished, I’m rewarding myself with a great haircut and a great burrito bowl.

The next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be in the middle of studying for finals. Oh boy!


A step-by-step process of how to not do your homework

  1. What’s going on on TMZ?
  2. Oh god, DMX looks awful.
  3. I wonder what he sounds like
  4. Wow, that’s bad.
  5. I wonder what he sounds like when he sings Rudolph now?
  6. I have a lot of split ends
  7. Should I get my hair cut?
  8. I can go on Pinterest for ten minutes to check out haircuts, I mean take a break
  9. Wait, is that food?
  10. I am kind of hungry
  11. I have three minutes left in this break, I can look a quick dinner recipes.
  12. *45 minutes later*
  13. Shit shit shit. Gotta get back to work
  14. Need some pump up music, pandora here I come
  15. No, not this song
  16. Skip, not this song either
  17. I hate this song but I already used two skips.
  18. Looks like I’m skipping this station
  19. How can I work under such desperate conditions?
  20. I think I’m being dramatic
  21. I should google how to focus on work
  22. *15 minutes later* For christ’s sake, I could have been halfway done with work by now. No fucking around, time to focus.
  23. *10 minutes later* I’m kind of thirsty, I should get water so I don’t get dehydrated
  24. Ouch, my throat kind of hurts of when I swallow. I wonder if I’m getting sick.
  25. WebMD says I could have strep, mono, cancer, heart disease, a sore throat, allergies, or a blood clot in my brain. Probably the blood clot.
  26. What would I do if I just suddenly had a brain aneurysm? Nobody knows I’m at school.
  27. My body would probably rot here until tomorrow morning. Sounds like that lady who died wrapping Christmas presents and nobody found her for three years.
  28. Was that in the US? Nope, according to google it was in the UK
  29. Okay, I’ll start working in 10 minutes, I have to check twitter


So much to do, so little time.

I realize that I haven’t posted in awhile! Is it too late now to say sorry? (I’m sorry, quoting the Biebs is really unforgivable).

The past few weeks have been pretty busy. I’m 99% done with my bar apps, paid off Barbri bar prep, booked my hotel rooms for the bars, started a class outline, and began wrapping up some Clinic work. Oh, I also broke one of my toes. Womp womp.

There are 23 days until my last law school final, 37 days until graduation, and 48 days until bar prep starts. Is there a pause button somewhere that I can press? Three more hours a day would be great.

It’s bizarre to think that in only a few short weeks I’ll be a law school graduate. I know everybody said that three years would fly by, I just didn’t expect it to fly by this soon. I think I feel a quarter life crisis coming on. Anybody have a sports car I can buy off of them before I pull a 2007 era Britney Spears and shave my head?


Kidding, kidding.
I hope.

Since finals and bar prep are both coming up at the speed of light, I’m trying to get a ton of stuff done around the house so I can’t procrastinate. That means deep cleaning my bathroom, trying on (and donating) old clothes that I no longer wear or can’t fit into, cleaning out kitchen cabinets for expired food, and cleaning out underneath my bed.

It’ll help that M has gone through bar prep before so he’ll be able to understand and sympathize with what I’m going through. It also helps that I’m creating an attack plan now so I won’t die of shock come May.

Here’s my plan:
1. Deep clean my entire apartment (bathroom, bedroom, and cabinets)
2. Get into a workout routine. Due to my broken toe I put biking on hold for now, but I’d like to get back into it.
3. Purchase a new planner, new pens, new highlighters, and some tabs.
4. Have one “what am I doing with my life” breakdown. Ain’t nobody got time for that during bar prep.
5. Figure out where I’m moving to and start updating my address.
6. Schedule my post-bar massage and haircut.

I’ll try and post again next week! How have other 3Ls been holding up?